Drum Taps & Tools

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2 in. Drum Taps & Molasses Gate - Plastic
2 in. Plastic drum gate is designed not to clog for viscous materials. Has a rubber seal to prevent ..
2 in. Drum Taps & Molasses Gates - Metal
2 in. Cast iron short handle faucet to be used with non flammable liquids. Seals tight when closed a..
3/4 in. Justrite Drum Faucet/Gate
3/4 in. Safety self-closing faucet that incorporates an internal flame arrester. Made of non-spark ..
Drum Wrench by Justrite
Designed to open any of seven alternate 2 in. or 3/4 in. bung caps used on drums. Large wrench ends ..
Standard Duty Lever Drum Pump by Plews
May be used with a multitude of products such as water based chemicals, mild acids, alcohol or petro..
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